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Calorie Build Up

Shaktiwan contains maximum nutrition in minimal to take an extra intake of easy to digest calories with nutrients.

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Fit Your Body

Shaktiwan is easy to digest and helps you gain muscle mass to attain your bodybuilding and fitness goals.

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Energies Your Body

With the help of Shaktiman you get a huge amount of energy during workout that ensures you with proper strength and stamina.

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Stamina Build Up

In Shaktiwan, ingredient like ashwagandha increases blood supply to muscles and enhances stamina and endurance.

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Improve Digestion

Shaktiwan with its multi vitamins and minerals helps enhance metabolism. It has ingredeints like soyabean, vidarikand that improve digestive system.

Increases Energy

Shaktiwan provides an overall energy boost. It boosts workout performance and reduce muscle fatigue. It makes you active and energetic.

Enriched with Protein

Shaktiwan weight gainer is chocolate flavoured protein supplement for both men and women, recommended for body builders and power lifters.

Weight Gain

Shaktiwan is perfect supplement, anyone who wishes to gain size and mass. The ingredients in it, quickly promote your growth.

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How Shaktiwan Works

The main thing of weight gain is 'eat more calories than what your body needs to function'. Shaktiwan contains great amount of nutrition in small packet to take an extra intake of easy to digest calories. It has proteins, multi vitamins and minerals.

It is recommended to the people who struggle to gain weight. Like, people with high basal metabolic rate. Such people are unable to gain weight despite consuming a large number of calories. Shaktiwan improves metabolism and enhance digestive system.

Shaktiwan is packed with protein, the main susbtance necessary for muscle gain. It boosts energy, stamina and immunity system. It makes you strong and healthy.


Shaktiwan's Features

Balanced nutrition

Shaktiwan contains protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, etc., required for muscle gain.

Growth Promoter

Shaktiwan boosts the hormone in human body that is responsible for growth.

Boost Immunity

Shaktiwan enhances immunity system and make you healthy and strong.

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No Steroids

It is a natural muscle gainer and free from steroids, harmful chemicals and sweeteners.

Safe and Non-addictive

It is safe and non-addictive. You can surely stop taking it, once reaching weight gain goal.

Stress Release

Shaktiwn contains the herbs that is effective in reducing stress and anxiety.


Shaktiwan Process

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Weight Management

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Increases Calorie Intake

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Increases Energy

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Workout Recovery


Ingredients Facts

Ingredients Name
Per Serving 20 (g)

Ashwgandha is one of the most powerful herbs well-known for its restorative benefits. It helps combat the effects of stress after workout. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to maintain our body's delicate balance. It increases muscle mass and strength in the body.

Soyabean has high protein content—vitamins, minerals and insoluble fibre. The high fibre content makes it valuable in cases of constipation and high cholesterol. Soyabean makes the bones stronger and healthy as it contains zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, and calcium.

Shatavar has antioxidant and anti-inflamattory properties. It boosts your immune system. It helps relieve cough and treat diarrhea, kidney stones and depression. It is also anti-aging herb.

Vidarikand boosts immunity, improves digestive system, enhances fertility and libido. It protects against damaging cells and reduces the ageing process in the tissues of the lungs, liver, heart, and skin.

Kaunch Beej contains protein and healthy fat content. It does gain weight in young children, help in their routine development. Kaunch beej is taken by people of all ages. It is full of all the essential nutrients, including proteins, calcium, dietary fibers, iron, antioxidants and vitamins. It is gluten free.

Shilajit has more than 84 minerals. It is a herbal health supplement, natural immune enhancer. It helps in improved performance of cells and tissues of the body. It is also a very good anti-aging supplement and an energy booster.

Elacihi (Cardamom) contains several minerals and vitamins, as well as some fiber. It lowers blood pressure, improves breathing. It helps fight tumors, improves anxiety, fights bacteria and protects your liver.

Loha Bhasma is mineral-based ayurvedic medicine. It treats anemia, general debility, spleen enlargement, liver enlargement and hernia. It is best for iron deficiency anemia and loss of appetite and indigestion. It improves strength and immunity.

Glucose is a source of energy. It plays a significant role in maintaining stamina. Glucose is required by brain for functioning optimally. Muscle requires glucose for energy that rebuild muscle after workout.

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Gain Weight With SHAKTIWAN

  • shaktiwan-growth-stamina-energy-promoter
  • shaktiwan-growth-stamina-energy-promoter
  • shaktiwan-growth-stamina-energy-promoter
  • shaktiwan-growth-stamina-energy-promoter
  • shaktiwan-growth-stamina-energy-promoter
  • shaktiwan-growth-stamina-energy-promoter
  • shaktiwan-growth-stamina-energy-promoter
  • shaktiwan-growth-stamina-energy-promoter
SHAKTIWAN–Stamina, Energy & Growth Promoter (Chocolate)
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Shaktiwan is stamina, energy and growth promoter. It helps you gain muscle mass. It is enrcihed with proteins, multi vitamins and minerals. It is choclolate flavoured and for both male and female. It is safe and non-addictive. It has no steroids. Shaktiwan weight gainer is a healthy way to gain weight and growth.

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